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About Us

About Us

Est. 1992

The Advocacy Group develops and implements government relations strategies to achieve business objectives. The firm also assists clients in fashioning and obtaining remedies for adverse government policies. In addition, the firm monitors government policymaking to assist clients in making informed business decisions.

The Federal government makes decisions every day which can affect you. These decisions will be made with or without consideration of your interests. To ensure that your interests are accommodated, you must participate in the process.

We represent our clients by providing a full range of legislative, administrative, and government relations services, including:

•Designing and implementing legislative strategy;

•Direct advocacy of clients' positions before the Congress and Executive Branch agencies;

•Coordinating grassroots support programs;

•Organizing coalitions with shared interests;

•Advising clients on Congressional trends and Executive Branch policies;

•Drafting and analyzing legislative proposals; and

•Regulatory and legislative monitoring.

Our client representation covers a broad range of issues involving the environment, education, taxation, international trade, communications, energy, health care, product safety, transportation, insurance, and financial services.




George A. Ramonas

Bringing nearly two decades of experience, Mr. Ramonas has effectively developed legislative strategies for his clients , as well as interfacing with federal agencies on their behalf. He has achieved dramatic results in his efforts to match a client’s capabilities with funding opportunities both within the Congress and among the federal agencies of the Executive Branch, and has developed an effective process to assist clients in examining new opportunities for funding and program growth.

On Capitol Hill, Mr. Ramonas served for seven years as Legislative Director for Senator Pete Domenici of New Mexico, a prominent Republican Senator and former Chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee; the Senate Budget committee, and the Senate appropriations Subcommittee on Energy and Water Development. In his capacity as Legislative Director, Mr. Ramonas developed the reputation as one of the top experts in the Senate on the budget, authorization, and appropriation processes. He was staff during the energy crisis of the 1980s, and worked on behalf of clients during the establishment of the Department of Energy.



Denise Greenlaw Ramonas, Esq.

Denise Greenlaw Ramonas left the United States Senate after almost 23 years of service.  Denise was part of the leadership team under Majority Leaders Trent Lott and Bill Frist as Assistant Secretary.  During her tenure in the Senate, She also served as General Counsel to the Senate Budget Committee and Legislative Director. In addition to an expertise in Budget, Appropriations matters and parliamentary procedure. She has worked on major banking, securities, tax and trade issues.

Greenlaw Ramonas’ role as the Assistant Secretary for the Majority (or Minority), was to assist the Leader and all Republican Senators on their legislative agenda.  As part of her responsibilities on the Senate floor, she served as a liaison between the Republican Leader and the Democrat leadership in negotiating agreements on legislative matters.  She also provided parliamentary advice and counsel to all Republican Senators, Committee Chairs and Staff Directors regarding floor strategy during consideration of all pending matters on the Senate floor.

As Assistant Secretary, Greenlaw Ramonas participated in many official and ceremonial functions, including participating in weekly party caucuses, Joint Sessions of Congress, National Conventions and Congressional Delegations to foreign countries for fact-finding.

Greenlaw Ramonas was often included on Roll Call’s Fabulous 50, which showcases Capitol Hill’s leading staffers who wield power behind the scenes, have subject-matter expertise and access to be most effective.